10th World Kendo Championship

The 10th World Kendo Championship, together with the 1st Womens International Kendo Championship were held in Kyoto in March 1997. For a listing of the draw for the individuals competition go here and for the photos of the contingents from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chinese Taipai, Hawaii, Japan, Korea and the United States taking part in the 10th World Kendo Championship and the 1st Womens International Kendo Championship go here.

Results by Competition

1: First Womens International Kendo Championship

Women's Individuals, Senior (above nidan)
1st place - M. Kimura, Japan
2nd place - S. Mogi, Japan
3rd place - W. Nakano, Canada
3rd place - H.J. Cho, Korea

Women's Individuals, Junior (nidan and below)
1st place - S. Takashima, Japan
2nd place - M. Onaka, Brazil
3rd place - E.J. Lee, Korea
3rd place - J.Y. Kwon, Korea

Women's Teams (teams of three)
1st place - Japan B (in a playoff)
2nd place - Japan A
3rd place - USA B
3rd place - Korea A

2: 10th WKC

Men's Individuals
1st place - M. Miyazaki, Japan
2nd place - F. Miyazaki, Japan
3rd place - S. S. Park, Korea
3rd place - T. Ishida, Japan

Men's Teams Division I
1st place - Japan
2nd place - Korea
3rd place - Brazil
3rd place - Taipei

Men's Teams Division II
1st place - Hungary
2nd place - Sweden
3rd place - Italy
3rd place - Romania

1997 World Team Championship Draw

There were two divisions, a first division of twelve teams, and a second division consisting of the remainder. The first division was won by Japan in a thrilling final against Korea 2-2-1.

Division 1 team draw

Winning team in bold

Round One: Pool Matches
2 to progress
Round Two
Elination Quarter Final
Round Three
Elimination Semi Final
Round Four
Pool A
JapanKoreaChinese TaipaiKorea
Pool D
Great Britain
Pool C
AustraliaChinese Taipai
Chinese TaipaiSpain
Pool B