Aden's Kendo Bookmarks

Kendo Bogu and Japanese Sword suppliers

Aoi Canadian site, has iaito and kendo gear, plus lovely Japanese furniture etc on the japan-aoi link
Momiji (Musashigo - makers of my bogu -kendo equipment's Australian representative)
Tozando Home Page Japanese mail order supplier - we get most of our Iaito and iaido supplies through here, also sells Kendo equipment. Japanese and English pages. Korean supplier - does mailorder, I have bought men and kote through here.
Mugendo Budogu home of the budo bum archives as well as an excellent store carrying a wide range of equipment, videos, etc.
Mori Budogu Tokyo based supplier.
Koei Budogu Min's choice, supplier for much of our clubs Japanese Kendo bogu.
Mitsuboshi Textile Co, Tokyo based manufacturer of bogu, hakama etc. Korean supplier - Woo Yang Trading. English, Japanese, Korean pages.
Kumdoshop Korean supplier, wide range of gear, I have had problems with the website, uneven opening of the English pages, but found it worth the effort to see what they had.
Sehyun Kumdo Korean supplier, English and Korean pages.
Pentagon Korean site, Korean pages.
Woo Chang Sports / Kumdo Mall Korean supplier, Korean language site. Korean supplier, Korean language site.
Token Mino Japanese Iaito supplier, English language site.

Australian Kendo Sites

Australian Kendo Renmei
Victorian Kendo Renmei
West Australian Kendo Renmei
UNSW Kendo Club
Melbourne University Kendo Club
University of Adelaide Kendo Club
University of Newcastle Kendo Club
Monash University Kendo Club
University of Wollongong Kendo Club
Australian National University Kendo Club
Melbourne BudoKai (the Kenshikan)

Other Australian Sites

Australian Jodo Kai Shindo / Shinto Muso Ryu Jodo, classical Japanese staff.
Queensland Combat Arts including seitei jodo and iaido.
Australian Koryu Bujutsu information

European Sites

Mumeishi (UK)
Netherlands Kendo Renmei
Kendo Switzerland
Pori Kendo Seura (Finland)

Other Overseas Sites

All Japan Kendo Federation
The Canadian Kendo Federation (Kim Taylor's site)
The Iaido Newsletter archive
Sei Do Kai Iaido Home Page (Ontario)
Saskatoon Kendo Club (Neil Gendzwill's site)
Mexican Kendo
United States Classical Kendo Federation
Furyu: The Budo Journal The Classical Martial Arts Resource
Anthony Galvan's site

Links last checked June 2004 Aden Steinke