Traditional Japanese Art Gallery

Due to the relatively long time it takes to upload images, this page consists of 100 pixel wide, 8bit colour gifs. Click on the relevant gif to see 350 pixel wide full colour jpeg versions. Sadly account space limits stop me having more images up.

A painting of the Minister Taira-No-Shigemori, by Fujiwara Takanobu (12th century). For me this is the quintessential image of a Japanese noble.

A painting of cocks and cacti (done on sliding doors of gold paper) by Ito Jakuchu (18th century).

Melancholy love, by Kitagawa Utamaro, seconf half of the 18th century.

Winter landscape at night, 16th century painting on paper.

Picture from the tale of Genji, 12th century scroll.

11th century silk scroll picture of 7th century Patriarch Jion-Daishi.

15th centtury landscape, ink on paper by Sesshu Toyo.

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