> Wollongong Kendo Club

Wollongong Kendo Club trains twice a week, (Sunday afternoon (all three arts), Tuesday night (kendo) in the Wollongong PCYC. Located near North Wollongong station at 2 Exeter Street.

We are based at the foot of Mount Keira, which provides the inspiration for the club mon. To find the PCYC go here.

The PCYC is our 4th long term home, initially in the University of Wollongong Sports Hall, then the Faculty of Education basketball hall (until its demolition to make room for the Medical School), after which we were training on campus in a single room building with a sprung wooden floor that was built as a dance studio for the old Wollongong Teachers College in the 1960s, and was excellent for Kendo. Building 27 (the Human Movement Laboratory) is nestled in the trees near the University Administration building and the Medical School building.

The club is obliged to the Faculty of Education for allowing us the use of these facilities over the years until the building had to be repurposed in 2013 as a music storage facility and the club moved to the PCYC.

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